Motorising Romans has never been easier

Motolux’s motorised Roman blind system is a uniquely designed head rail system, eliminating the need for roller tubes and hybrid systems. With a narrow projection of just 42mm (1 2/3”) for any width to 5.5m (18’) and large lifting capacity of 12kg (26lb), this system is suitable for all types of Roman blinds in commercial and residential areas. Assembly, installation and programming are all easy to do.

Product benefits:

  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Unique traversing spools ensure that the lift cords are always held in constant position, without side to side wander or tangling.
  • Easy and efficient installation, using standard top mount or face mount timber Venetian spring brackets.
  • Fabric easy fitted to front face with double sided tape and a cover plate that is easily screwed into place.
  • Simple manufacturing- the track can be quickly cut to length, 40mm Motolux tubular motor inserted and the end caps fixed back into position.
  • Fully compatible with controls used for Blindware’s range of roller blind motors and motorised curtain tracks, including the new APP controlled hub.

Mounting and installation:

  • Maximum blind width 5.5 metres (18’) and 3.5 metre (11’ 6”) drop
  • Suitable for light to heavy weight Roman blinds up to 12kg (26lb) blind weight
  • Narrow projection of 42mm (1”) from the wall, does not vary with different Roman widths
  • Suitable for either wall mount (with installation bracket) or top fixing (through holes in the top of the head rail)
  • Fabric attached to the top of the head rail using either double sided tape or Velcro. If required, upholstery pins provide added support for heavy fabrics.
    No sewing required.

Safety features:

  • Inbuilt safety device to prevent accidental damage while setting the upper limit
  • Overload and over-temperature protection in-built


  • Fully electronic programming and operation
  • Radio remote control handset or fixed wall switch
  • Automation system compatible as standard, including simultaneous use of remote control
  • Micro-stepping adjustment in 1mm increments ensures precision leveling and alignment at the top and bottom
  • Easy programming with independent setting of channels and limits
  • Remote operation up to 30 metres (100 feet) inside buildings and up to 100 metres (300 feet) in open areas
  • Individual or group motor control, with up to 11 channels per remote and 24 channels per motor