Curtain Track

A smart product for a smart home

Product benefits:

  • Smooth, quiet and fast operation
  • User friendly
  • Auto commissioning function – sets it’s own limits – simple & time saving
  • Auto open and close when the curtain fabric is drawn by hand
  • Manual over-ride when power is off – recommissions automatically when powered on again
  • Integrates on all Motolux controls, so can be used with Motolux roller, roman and cellular blind motor systems – see more information on the controls here
  • 240v power – no transformers required
  • Dry contact input for easy integration with automation systems (C-Bus, Dynalite)
  • Remote and Automation system simultaneous control possible
  • Tandem configuration possible
  • Five year manufacturer’s warranty

Mounting and installation:

  • Maximum curtain width 12 metres (39feet) using track joiners
  • Track is bendable to minimum radius 350mm (14”) right angle bend
  • Suitable for light to heavy weight curtains up to 90kg (198lbs) fabric weight
  • Suitable for either wall mount (with installation bracket) or top fixing using butterfly clips

Safety features:

  • Overload and over-temperature protection in-built

RF Features

  • Fully electronic programming and operation
  • Radio remote control handset or fixed wall switch
  • Automation system compatible as standard, including simultaneous use of remote control
  • Easy programming with independent setting of channels and limits
  • Remote operation up to 30 metres (100feet) inside buildings and up to 100 metres (300 feet) in open areas
  • Individual or group motor control, with up to 11 channels per remote and 24channels per motor

Technical Specifications

Model MC02-70-240/50
Voltage 240V/50Hz
Current 300mA
Power 70W
Speed 110rpm
Operating Cycle 4min continuous
Radio Frequency 433.92
Operating Distance 30 meters indoor
Max Track Length 12 meters
Tandem Motor Option Yes
Motor Weight 1.4kg
Motor Dimensions L50 x W60 x 295mm


Curtain end view



Curtain Motor Dry Contact Input Wiring